A More Personable and Approachable Lake Huron Medical Center

Port Huron, Michigan



Over the summer in 2016, a woman named Lisa contacted me from Lake Huron Medical Center. Lisa is their Marketing Manager, and they were seeking a local photographer to help them with their upcoming marketing campaigns. Specifically, they needed headshots that were not only professional, but also showcased how approachable and friendly their medical staff were. It was a rebranding effort that was necessary in today's medical climate.

In our initial consultation meeting at the hospital, Lisa expressed that she needed someone talented that was flexible and also good with people. They had several locations in the Port Huron area, and they needed someone reliable. When I asked her specifically how they planned to use the photos, she shared with me that they planned to use them in printed newsletters, brochures, and billboards. She mentioned they also sought to form a long-term relationship with a professional photography, which I was quite happy to hear about.

Port Huron is very much a local-minded community, and so I knew how important an approachable, recognizable image was important.


Working Together - Showcasing the Medical Staff

The day of our first shoot arrived. One thing I've come to learn -- and respect -- about professionals in the medical field is that they are busy people dealing with the concerns of their patients. As I arrived at the medical center early with my photography equipment and began setting up, I was well aware that when a surgeon is between surgeries, it's not their highest priority to have their photo taken. Within the structure of their individual day, they've got more important things to be concerned about, like their patients.

Because of this, a schedule of headshots was put together, and we stuck to it in order to respect everyone's time. As each doctor and nurse arrived and took a seat, it was important that I was both friendly, and efficient. For this particular type of shoot, the sooner you get the shot, the better.

And as busy as the medical staff was, they were extremely friendly and personable. A pleasure to work with.

PC_untitled-5440PC_untitled-5440 PC_untitled-5621PC_untitled-5621



Showcasing the Patient Perspective

One of the aspects of the shoot I really enjoyed was taking the portraits of some of the medical center's patients. In our first shoot, we were focusing on the Cancer Center, and so we focused on patients that had successfully gone through treatment. What a joy to hear these survivors' stories! Showcasing the actual faces and stories of these patients was particularly effective in becoming more approachable within the community. Lake Huron Medical Center was well aware of the importance of sharing the stories and experiences of their patients.

PC_untitled-4931PC_untitled-4931 PC_untitled-5476PC_untitled-5476


The End Result: Freshly-Branded Images In the Community

A few short months of working together multiple times, I noticed new billboards for Lake Medical Center appearing within the community. The large medium was a great way to showcase Lake Huron Medical Center's warmth and compassion.



Billboard_1Billboard_1 Billboard_2Billboard_2 Billboard_4Billboard_4


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